Creating process

Creating process

Creating clothes is for us an alchemical mixture of artistic expression and meditation that fills us with the Energy of Life. Each sewn dress gives us strength and inspiration to create more.

See how we make your clothes step by step…


At the beginning there is a spark … Yes! That’s what I would like to wear! I only create clothes that I would like to wear myself. Thanks to this, Nalu remains true and authentic. Extracting this elusive image from the mind, bringing it out on paper, and ultimately on the fabric, has something of a birth process in itself. In order to capture every detail that will make the dress unique and magical, I spend hours with Kasia, my beloved dressmaker, inventing shapes and forms that will make a woman blossom like a flower.


The whole process of creation takes place locally with the love for Mother Nature and the idea of ​​fair trade. Sewing clothes keeps our minds in a state of flow and mindfulness. We take care of the perfect finish of each dress. We find it important that the clothes do not only carry good energy, but are made in a way that you can enjoy them for years.


Getting your clothes to send makes me think of packing Christmas presents. I want the opening of the box to be a delightful experience for you. That is why a package I send you will always carry a note of good wishes, that I personally tailored for you.

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