My story

My story

My Dear Woman,

I would like to tell you a story about how Nalu was created and what values ​​motivate our actions. The story begins in a small Polish village, where I landed after a long time of travelling. Giving up the rat race and big-city life, I decided to stay in the forest where I spent my vacation as a child. I went for long walks, I swam in the river, I rode a horse. When I finally got to my inner home and heard my voice, I understood that what I wanted to do was to create beautiful items for women. On the table there was a sewing machine, the heritage of my two grandmothers, and that was the answer to my question.

Nalu was created out of love for femininity. The values ​​that stand behind it are love for  Nature and beauty of everyday life in its simplest manifestations. These are my personal values ​​that have been setting the direction of my thoughts and actions for years.


When I create clothes, I think of women as flowers. I imagine how Nalu dresses make them blossom as their inner beauty flows out and manifests outward. Watching this transformation gives me a sense of fulfillment.


I deeply believe that a woman aware of her Power and Beauty is a cure for our world.

Nalu’s clothes are created locally by me and my beloved dressmaker, Kasia. Whatever we do, we care for the environment, and try to spread the idea of ​​fair trade. We feel sewing as an alchemical mixture of creative expression and meditation, which results in flowery clothes full of love and mindfulness.

The clothes themselves are not only means of aesthetics, but also are a sensual experience. I love when my kimono flows down my shoulder, caressing my skin. I think that body awareness translates into a deeper feeling of worn clothing. That’s why during designing and sewing, I try to feel how it will work on the body. The goal is to feel the greatest freedom while moving. Ultimately, clothes are our second skin, and what is the meaning of a beautiful dress if we cannot dance in it?

If these words are close to your heart, then come! Join our tribe! Light a fire with us and dance together like Goddesses. Regardless of your height, hair color, stretch marks and scars, you can feel beautiful in everything you put on. And above all be yourself and stay within yourself, because your temple is there!

With Love,

Ola Hanusiewicz, nalu bodywear
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