Nalu Women

Nalu Women

Nalu is most of all about women. Wild, beautiful, intriguing. Each of us carries the Goddess and unique history within herself. Muses, artists, clerks. Women ordinary and extraordinary. Fairies of daily life. When you take a closer look at each of us, you’ll see yourself. Meet our tribe and join us!

My name is Samia and I love life. I love to observe how cyclicity manifests in the world of Nature and in our bodies. Passing through the seasons is an exciting experience for me and nature is my favorite teacher. During the day I observe plants, clouds, elements, and in the night I watch the moon and stars. For the love to the moon, I called myself Mamaloona and initiated the Lunarium project, which I co-create with my lunar sister. I want to remind women about the treasures they can discover in their menstrual cycle. Each of us goes through individual phases like Luna in the sky.

I’ve been with Nalu from the very beginning and I’m watching how beautiful it is. Everything that Ola does is close to my heart and soul. Her clothes smell of flowers, make the woman visible and emanate with her beauty!

I live at the end of a small village in a hundred-year-old home with my husband and a group of pets. My everyday life is filled with devotion to other living creatures – a goat family, a group of cats, 40,000 bees and the oldest rooster in the village – they give meaning to my life. I know that all my decisions led me to our place on the Earth, in which every creature can count on care. I cultivate the garden. I love creating. Depending on the time of the year, I renew furniture, knit, photograph, neck … I am not artistically talented, but I enjoy it. It’s a part of me that I need to release. I have been discovering myself as a woman for a year, a wave of inspiration, a woman’s energy and gratitude to the moon and the sun are rising in me. This energy directed me towards Nalu and Ola, from which I got clothes inspired by good energy, calm and beauty.

The first clothing from Nalu had a special meaning for me and my important role – the Hawaiian kimono was my cover on the day of the wedding, accompanied in the preparations. After the first contact with the material, I knew that it would always take a special place in my heart, and my husband, seeing me in him, would return memories to this beautiful day.

Shakti, in turn, is the beginning of another important story in our life and another role in which I want to put myself. When I dress Shakti, I feel courage and warmth. I will use it as best as I can <3

niebieska sukienka shakti, nalu bodywear, kolekcja siostrzeństwo

I am Kasia. I have been doing a lomi lomi massage and to this point in my life I have been searching a lot for myself. I am a Master of Psychology and I have been interested in therapy through movement and body since my studies.

In my adult life, I was ill for a long time, I healed myself with herbal tinctures and preparations and that changed the way I think and look at the world. I believe that it was one of the most valuable experiences that made me now who I am and do what I do. For a long time I was looking for my method to improve the well-being of others and lomi lomi it was love at first sight. There is everything I love the most: dance, music and a tender touch. What attracted me here is also the Hawaiian philosophy: the joy of life, the acceptance of the body, respect for another human being. I strongly believe that everyone has the ability to heal themselves and change their lives for the better


NALU is very close to me, because the word itself means a wave in Hawaii and refers to my work. Ola also creates close to nature and it feels, in NALU clothes you just feel light, natural and beautiful.

I walk with my head high in the sky. I feel best in the mountains and in the forest, which is my backwoods. These are my places of power. I am a restless spirit and a great dreamer with a great need for creation. That’s why Make My Wonderland was born. I wanted to transform my fantasies into unique products that everyone can have for themselves.


When I first put on a Nalu dress, I knew it was not just ordinary clothing. I closed my eyes and literally felt the grass under my feet and the wind on my skin. It’s really amazing how energy can be cursed in objects. Ola managed it. For me, Nalu is strength and expression, the power of nature and fleeting dreams. Nalu is a celebration of femininity!

My name is Jagoda. The older I am, the more I feel that I am coming from the forest and I will come back to the forest. I am a romanist, I work in a theater, I live in a big city, I rest wherever I have open sky and silence around. I dream that one day I will become a witch, I will know everything about herbs, live close to nature, and whenever I feel that something is going wrong, I will be able to run to the meadow that will be right outside the window. I try to grab my life with the grip of small arms and get as much as I can.

Nalu came to me somehow at the beginning of May, after returning from a lonely expedition to the Bieszczady Mountains. I dreamed of wearing a natural fabric dress in which I could lie or collect wildflowers. I do not remember exactly how, but I think – just – one day it was Nalu that hit me, not me. After I saw a woman’s session in the meadow, White Sophie stole my heart. Since then, she has already been with me on a wild beach on the lagoon, in a meadow full of chamomile in Podlasie. I have a feeling that Sophie will like a soft sweater and will also accompany me in autumn. When I wear it, I am the one I like the most – girlish, delicate and fleeting.

My name is Adela. I say that I am a forest witch and Slavic Pocahontas, because this closeness to nature allows me to be myself. So I walk barefoot on the grass, listen to the stories of the trees and go out to the moon.

I am a writer who pours emotions into letters and believes that the word can be enchanted. I am a woman who is dancing, who cares about connecting the body with the soul. I study this connection more broadly in the Experimental Movement Group. Dance and movement allow me to be here and now, releasing what is deeply hidden.

I am also a convening woman. I want other women to find lost strength and regain their voice, which is why I am calling Women’s Circles in Warsaw’s Ursynów. The energy of the sisters who meet each other to be for each other is for me extremely uplifting and full of emotion.

In the end I am a woman talking about experiences on a blog

NALU warmed my heart when the collection of Sisterhood appeared. I saw women in magical dresses who were free and light, because they let themselves be true. I watched the photographs of beautiful sisters many times, feeling the magic every time. During a beautiful June trip, when I returned to my home and let in the forest witch, she came in a dream. White Shakti. I woke up in the morning inhaling the smell of hay, on which I spent the nicest night for a long time. And when I received a parcel of flowers, I put on Shakti, looked in the mirror and felt the essence of power and femininity.

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